Who am I? Just another half east asian male with an asian mother born out of the anglosphere. Where I am from, there is no weird stereotypes about east asian males. They are the top of the dating chain. My dad is an non asian male who fell in love with my East Asian mom. But unlike the west, these pairings are extremely uncommon here. So I never had any problems growing up. I always wanted to be an asian male. I don’t really look full asian in the prespective of the local asian people so it was hard time dating for me as an half-asian guy as the girls here only prefer full asian guys like themselves. In spite of that, I was only attracted to asian females. And I managed to date a few girls who were open-minded enough to accept me. I am dating a not-that-pretty but having-an-awesome-presonality full Chinese girl.

Imagine my surprise when I find it out on the Internet that asian guys are considered bottom of the barrel in much of the western world. The more I searched and found out about the information on the internet I was shocked and appalled that unlike here a lot asian women there date outside their own race. On twitter, white males were gloating about how asian females prefer them over their own kind. And asian women were hating on their own counterparts. And the asian males were understandably upset and bitter. I think I know the reason for this: western propaganda. And how shamefully asian females are buying into it for their self-interest over the interest of their own race. This blog is going to be about all of this BS going on in the western world and positive asian male identity. I hope I can provide a unique prepective as an half-asian male.